Barclay Butera; Past. Present. Inspired

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Barclay Butera; Past. Present. Inspired
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Description: In his fourth coffee table book, Butera takes his readers through a 20-year journey and tour of the interiors crafted for his own private homes-all lovingly designed, all still very au courante. The reader takes a wonderful voyeuristic peek into the world of the author and how his style has evolved over the years in the interior design industry. From his humble beginnings in the charming Bette Davis cottage on the coast of California, to the chic and contemporary mid-century ranch once owned by Desi Arnez Junior, to his current beloved Newport Beach escape, each spectacular home is sure to delight.

Author; Barclay Butera

Publisher: Peribo

ISBN: 9781423638575

Dimensions: 27.9 and 21.6 cm

Publish Date: 1/06/2015

Page Count: 208

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